May you have just forgotten your security code you want to know what’s changing it in whatsapp sometimes these message is sent to some whatsapp users the presence of this message means the change in your security code for the whatsapp app whatIran social magazine.When you want to know more about whatsapp hacking, you can read our related articles and learn more

When you change your phone and open WhatsApp on your new phone this message will go to your contacts but there’s nothing too important.

Your security code changed.

Many people can’t access to whatsapp for security reasons i cannot because of whatsapp’s misuse or transmission of a password to another person.

It looks like the person you spoke to has reinstalled his WhatsApp software.The person you spoke to has changed his other phone number.It can be because the person who told you the call was a business takes place.The person in front of you may have deleted a message from your site.If you open the whatsapp application and log out of your account the new id and the service charges you will be sent to all your contacts.

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You’ve altered your security code on WhatsApp? This is something to worry about.

When you convert your phone the WhatsApp message can be sent to your contacts but there’s nothing to worry about. to make sure this message does not contain bad news you can check the code sent to you with the code sent to your contacts at the same time.

How can I keep my access to my email security code hidden in WhatsApp?

One way to stop receiving this message is to disable some of its options on whatsapp to disable some positive text message options.

First log into whatsapp and then open the menus on your phone.In the second step log positive into your account and click the option securityAfter removing the active security check checklist you will not see the security code change message if you delete the active security check checklist in takesoft for that feature you installed in

Enable emergency police.

One of the most important parts of answered how to fake security code on whatsapp is to activate this option. when chatting with one of your contacts one of your contact’s security code will change and whatsapp will issue a security warning

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&lt. settings &lt. accounts & security &lt. show security notifications.

Enable two-step verification.

To activate this option follow the form below:

Tab menu &lt settings &lt account &lt verification two steps &lt enable.

Enter the 6-digit password and an email address that you can refer to it and retrieve the password if you forget the password.

Put in a backup mode to whatsapp.

Whatsapp backups are stored on a google drive or icloud and none of them are encrypted. to stop this option you must follow the path below:

Iphone: backup after installing whatsapp&lt. settings &lt. chats &lt. chat backup &lt. auto backup &lt.

Android phone : whatsapp &lt. menu &lt. settings &lt chats &lt. backup &lt. backup in google ”?

According to whatsapp privacy settings are one of the security tips.

Enter Privacy Settings from the following path:.

The settings &lt. account &lt. privacy.

About who can see your profile picture or if you last visited your profile.

Why is my security code after I changed it?

To answer your question on the WhatsApp security code upgrade, several reasons involve problems that can cause problems such as hacking. below we have explained the reasons that cause these problems :

Delete whatsapp and reinstall itchanging the device on which whatsapp was installedinstall whatsapp business the contact deleted his chat with youprobably the recipient Web also

Each one of your conversations and files has a security code that you can see if you have a specific encrypted document.


In that article from the 2011 web site.Iran social magazine.I looked for a purpose;Your security code is changed to WhatsApp and we have.Designed the answers and answered all your questions about updating my security code in whatsapp. ”How do I change WhatsApp’s security. code?Learn how to hack WhatsApp using our tutorials and other related topics.

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