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Sony Ericsson K608i on the Network of 3 Mobile

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Sony Ericsson K608i on the network of 3 mobile phones, along with a 12 months free line rental on the subscription of a 12 months contract, its too good to be true…what say?

Too good to be true , but indeed it is! The K608i from Sony Ericsson is available on the network of 3 mobile phones with a deal which leaves you with no second choice.

Enjoy a range of spectacular features of the K608i on a 12 months contract subscription with 3 mobile phones and earn for your self 400 minutes of free talk-time and 250 texts per month along with a 12 month free line rental and free insurance for 3 months! Now could it get better or bigger than this.

The deal available with mobile rainbow allows one to fully explore and enjoy the spectacular features of the Sony Ericsson 3g phone, which integrates high-end technologies into a dynamic clamshell. With a dual front camera phone design the handset switches from being a perfect phone when held vertically and a 1.3 mega pixel camera when held horizontally.
Being a 3g phone, the k608i swiftly carries out video telephony and has a dynamic 1.8 inch, 26 K TFT colour screen with a direct one click video telephony button that ensures crisp, clear and hassle free video calls across.

Along with its amazing cyber shot features one can enjoy a whole range of high quality music stored on the handset coupled with an FM radio and the ability to download full music tracks directly to the phone.

Features such as PC-synchronisation via USB or Blue tooth, high-speed Internet access make the phone an ideal choice for business professionals too.

One can only imagine the extent of exhilaration, for the phone; integrated with its superb features comes almost at no price attached along with the 12 month subscription offered by mobile rainbow in addition to the superb network services facilitated by 3 mobile phone!

With a free 12 month line rental this phone deal gets just all the more cheaper and appealing

12 months free line rental


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