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How can I integrate WhatsApp without using the code QRP.

Whatsapp is a widely used and popular messenger that can be used on iPhone, Android, windows etc. you may have wanted to use whatsapp on your computer system for various reasons. to use whatsapp on a pc you must have your phone and scan the qr code.

How can I use WhatsApp web without sending qr code?

You may think that it’s possible to only access whatsapp if you scan qr but this isn’t true. Follow this article from iran social to teach you how to download the software to

We suggest you bypass the qr code scan to connect to WhatsApp on the computer system using the bluestacks software which is an android emulator that can allow you to have and use the android software you want on the windows. using this tool you can use android software

So use this software with whatsapp code positive and negative for easy use.

Downloaded bluestacks for pc in ”.Https:// you have downloaded it install the mobile app bluestacksplayer on your computer.Open bluestacks, and download mywhatsapp through googleInstallation of WhatsApp on bluestacks.Put your phone number to WhatsApp and it’s the first call.

Author in the article suggested. What is the most important location for my WhatsApp messaging documents?

It’s now possible to use whatsapp without retrieving the qr code.

Not due give me what.Using this method as when you use whatsapp on your smartphone, you must make a confirmation message and enter the code. you cannot use the same contact number for two whatsapps on the smartphone or the bluestack system. use both whatsapp (phone and pc).

In blue stack and whatsapp it is possible to add contacts and communicate with anyone you want.

I’m summing up.

As you know whatsapp is a free functional messaging service that can be used on any platform. this article will explain whatsapp’s many features.Iran social security magazine.We explain whatsapp web without scanning qr code. We explain bluestack the best and dryer method available to you. We hope this article was helpful for you.

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