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On Changing Passwords and Protecting Personal Information

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When someone steals your mobile phone or your iPad, you will notice it immediately and act on it straightaway. But when someone inserts a cookie on your computer that will enable a theft to gather your personal data once you do business online, like go to eBay or send email or maybe use your credit card online, it may take longer. But before you notice it, the personal data can be used by the hacker or sell it to people willing to pay cash to switch an identity. In the latest account of a major internet security provider, this information can be sold for about $18 US and can be bought anywhere in the wide world of web.

There is a lot of software that are available to aid you in protecting yourself from Identity theft online. If you feel that you need to purchase such software that will enable your computer to be secured from these online hackers, you might want to consider the following: (1) what you might want a software that is something that updates often, these hackers work hard to outwit these types of software; (2) and of course, you want a software that will guard your personal info 24/7 making sure that this info will not be hacked. Most if these kinds of software will require you to update, please do. Because once these messages are ignored, that means you are passing up the chance for the software program to protect you.

Changing your password often is also one way of protecting your personal data by being accessed by other individuals. It can be a combination of numbers and letters, but we personally don’t encourage the use of phone numbers, addresses or birthdates. This is also quite useful when you share your computers with others at home or at work. You might also want to consider not checking the remember password option, because this can create curiosity to others who’s using the same computer.

If you reckon that you have been a victim of identity theft online, you can report it straightaway to your bank or credit card provider and they will place a fraud alert status for your account. This will enable them to make few necessary steps whenever somebody tries to use your personal data in opening an account or just by simply using your credit line illegally. Another step that you can do is to close the account that has been illegally used and make sure that you notify proper authorities. These people will make an investigation as to how and where these things happen. You can also check the history information in your browser for you to have a list of websites visited and this will surely narrow down their search for these criminals.

Identity theft online is the fastest growing illegal act that has been victimizing a lot of the internet users. This can tarnish your reputation big time. So, we need to make sure that you take all the necessary measures in protecting yourself and your loved ones.


Source by Tina L Douglas

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