NexSpy Spy App Review 2020: Legal or Scam?

NexSpy Spy App Review 2020: Legal or Scam?

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NexSpy Spy App Review 2020: Legal or Scam?
NexSpy Spy App Review 2020: Legal or Scam?
  • Software Reliability: This is a reliable app.
  • Software Ease of Use: It is easy to use and install.
  • Software Safety: It is safe to use.
  • Software Cost: It isn’t too cheap.

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Today, looking for reliable spyware is not surprising. With increased awareness, individuals seek safety for their loved ones from online threats. As well as, people like to stay informed to be able to face uninvited situations. The NexSpy review is for those looking for a monitoring app for a long time and who couldn’t find a reliable option. This software is safe and offers a decent feature list to the users. 

NexSpy app offers an easy setup solution. With a friendly interface and intuitive design, one can easily toggle through tabs to view data logs in the most sorted way. Read the complete review to find out if the app is worth your try or not. 


Spywares are getting smarter with the increasing demand and expectations of users. Every other day, a new feature pops in. Some claim to offer hundreds of features, while others talk about extended platform support. The competition among these apps is also increasing. In the midst of all this, selecting a particular app based on specific preferences becomes daunting. 

There are many varying needs of individuals seeking a monitoring app. Some look to screen the data of their young kids to save them from cyberbullying. And, others may wish to protect their company’s confidential data from betraying employees. These apps are also ubiquitous among spouses who are doubtful about their partner’s intentions. 

While all these reasons are completely justified, not every app can provide enough tools to counter each of the purposes effectively. Some are useful in basic monitoring, and others, if they excel at every feature, lack affordability. Hence, it is important to understand these apps completely before purchasing. 

Or else, you may get yourself stuck with software that does work but not as per your needs. By reading the NexSpy review, you can find out if this tracking app is any good for your requirements or not.

Things to Know Before You Buy

Before we proceed with the pros and cons of the apps, let us explore other important sides that relate to monitoring solutions. To start with, you must choose an app that is safe and reliable. The NexSPY review would help you decide that. 

Further, the app must be compatible with your target device. Many times, apps do not offer support for few OS versions of a platform. You must verify this detail clearly before you jump into paying the subscription fee for the app. 

In addition, it should deliver the features you want at all costs. For example, if you wish to listen to the call recordings, you cannot compromise with call logs, can you? Every individual has certain expectations that are of high priority. Your selected app must meet all those needs. 

Some apps require you to root or jailbreak your device for installing the software. If you have any concerns about the same, you must check the website thoroughly to find any lead about it. Or, you can also speak with customer care to clear all your queries. In most cases, these questions are answered in the FAQs available on the app’s website. If not, do not shy away from going one step ahead and clearing your doubts by contacting the support team.

Do not forget to check the promptness of technical support. If the app does not offer 24 by 7 service, it must be responsible enough to reply promptly. Waiting for a week to get the resolution would only mean a flop deal. 

Last but not least, monitoring apps must be used to abide by all the related laws and legal terms. You must not use the app for harming someone’s modesty or stealing other’s important data. All these actions would put you into great trouble. The website clearly deems that it would not be responsible for the way you utilize these monitoring solutions. So, decide wisely and use the app for a greater cause.

NexSpy Review

If you are wandering around to find that one app that gives you complete relief while ensuring safety for your family, you can always trust NexSpy. It comes with many powerful features that would leave you wondering, how? With easy to use interface and simple installation guide, you can make any device your slave. It is affordable and very trustworthy. Moreover, it is undetectable. It works in stealth mode and helps you stay invisible while checking the data of the target phone. 

The complete NexSpy review would uncover the various features it includes. The article would put light on its different perks and limitations that go hand in hand, yet making it the most desirable app. You have to distinguish the app based on your monitoring goals. 

How Does NexSpy Work

Just like any other spyware, NexSpy offers few subscription plans. Based on your budget, you can pick the one that seems close to your needs. Pay for the subscription, and do not forget to choose your email for login to NexSpy’s account.

After you create the account, you can log in to the same for checking instructions for installing the app on the target device. Following simple steps, you would be able to do that in a matter of minutes. If you wish to use NexSpy on an iPhone, you must jailbreak the device. However, for android, both root and no root solutions are available. The features would differ depending on the plan you choose.

Once the app is installed on the device, it would run in stealth mode and keep collecting data from the phone. These data logs would be saved on the server. To access the information of the target device, you can log in to your NexSpy account and check the dashboard. The dashboard is accessible by entering a unique password. Hence, your data is completely safe and protected. 

Download NexSpy


NexSpy is one of those advanced apps that offer a huge list of features that actually work. These may differ from plan to plan. However, it offers what it promises. Here is a glimpse of some of the major functionalities and monitoring tools that this app entails.

Call Logs: The app allows you to view the entire call log of the target device. Either incoming or outgoing, you can check the call duration, caller number, time of the call, and various other details. Using the call log feature, users can stay informed of all the phone numbers in touch with the target device’s owner. 

Check VIOP Call Logs and Record VOIP Calls: As the internet rates are getting cheaper than the usual mobile carrier rates, the usage of VOIP apps is increasing for making calls. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, are just a few examples to start with. The app allows you to check all the VOIP call logs as well as record these calls. You can listen to these conversations by logging into your remote dashboard.

Ambient Recording and FaceTime Spycam: These two features are exclusively for iPads. Users can record the surrounding of the iPad and view the surroundings using a spy Facetime call. The target phone won’t even notice that the iPad is exposing the surroundings to someone else. 

View Messages and IMs: You can also check the messages sent and received on the target device. This includes the texts shared via instant messengers as well. Either it’s WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other popular IM, all the texts are recorded and made available for monitoring.

Check Emails: Users can even see the emails. Both the sent and received emails are stored on the server for access by the users. Using NexSpy, one can gaze closely at all the emails shared using the target phone.

Live Location Tracking: The NexSpy app lets you find out the live location of the device. It also provides you with the history of locations visited by the target phone. You can always be assured of your kids being in the safe zone by using the geofencing feature. With the help of geofencing, you can set a safe perimeter for your kids on the digital map. The app sends an instant alert if the fence is compromised.

Internet Browsing History: You can also find out the URLs and websites visited by the target device. A lot of parents worry about exposing their kids to adult content when gifting them smartphones. But you can keep an eye on the device to ensure that your kids aren’t using the device for improper browsing. It also provides information on the bookmarks as well as the networks the phone was ever connected to.

Calendar Entries and Notes: The NexSpy app makes it easy for you to take care of offline data. The calendar entries and notes could help alert you about any suspicious plans that your kids or partner is making in advance. 

Keylogger Feature: This particular feature is handy. You can find out every keystroke made by the target phone. Hence, it is easy to decipher all the passwords and login credentials for the applications saved on the device. You can easily get to know the Facebook password and log in with your device to check every activity in real-time. This is true for other apps as well.

Download NexSpy

Compatibility Information

The app is compatible with multiple platforms. You can use NexSpy on Android phones, iOS devices, Windows PC as well as MAC OS.

Pricing / Free Trial

NexSpy app offers different pricing plans. Here are the various subscriptions available with NexSpy.

For Android and iPhone

1 Month: $39 per month

3 Months: $29 per month

12 Month: $19 per month


  • 1 Month: $44 per month
  • 3 Months: $32 per month
  • 12 Month: $21 per month

PC and MAC

  • 1 Month: $39 per month
  • 3 Months: $29 per month
  • 12 Month: $19 per month

Installation and Setup

To install the app, you must have access to the target device. If you are wishing to get the Android solution with rooting, you must root the device beforehand. The same goes with iPhone. You must jailbreak the device to use the app.

Further, you would need to select the subscription plan based on the target device platform and the number of months. You must pay for the subscription to start using the app. After the payment is completed, you can install the app on the target device as per the instructions provided on the app’s website.

Later, you can use the dashboard to check the data logs. Ensure that the target device is connected to the internet to access its updated data logs. If not, the data logs would only refresh after the target phone connects to the internet. 

Download NexSpy

Customer Service

The customer service is not available 24 by 7. However, it does offer a chat and email option to connect with technical support.


Here are the pros and cons of the app you must read before making the final decision.

Pros / Cons
  • It is reliable
  • Prompt support
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable yearly plans
  • It is invisible
  • Offers huge list of features
  • It requires jailbreaking of iOS devices for installation

Parameters Influencing the Buying Decision

You must consider every aspect related to remote monitoring when selecting a spy app. Here is a refresher for the NexSpy review.

Software Reliability: This is a reliable app. You can depend on it for consistent results.

Software Ease of Use: It is easy to use and install. The instructions are clear and concise. 

Software Build and Design: It offers a user-friendly interface and great built website for easy access to all app-related information.

Software Safety: It is safe to use. However, jailbreaking and rooting may interfere with the warranty terms of the phone.

Software Cost: It isn’t too cheap. But the yearly plans offer affordable monthly fees choice.


Unlike many unworthy apps that do not work properly, NexSpy is completely reliable. The NexSpy review clears most of the confusion that you may had about the app. You can also check the app’s website in case of any further queries. Plus, the chat support is helpful too.

Affordable Price

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