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What should a couple do to plan for long-term marriage?

There will be times you and your wife will be attracted to each other and times you will be ignoring it. it should be taken seriously when your wife is not interested in you. there will also be times when your wife is interested in you but you are not interested in

Psychologists tell patients that one of the biggest problems with long-term marriages is that many couples theorise the fact that they are married making it so common that they forget not to nurture the relationship this can lead to a feeling of stagnation and even boredom

Signs that your wife doesn’t like you.

If your wife doesn’t like you, have patience with hand and you take action soon otherwise your problems will continue increasing.”

One sign that your wife is not interested is if she is unable to initiate intimacy with you. if you used to be affectionate with each other but now she is not initiating hugs or kisses it is a sign that she is no longer fascinated with you. another sign is that she is always busy and doesn’t have time for you.

How can the spying support help you if you ever had a problem?

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What should i do if my wife doesn’t see my feelings for me?

Because it’s easy to confuse emotions and assume you know what another person thinks and you don’t really know. that’s why it’s important to don’t make assumptions or feel bad

Make it honest and ask what your spouse is feeling.

If you violated your trust or did something that made your spouse fall out of love with you you need to take steps to fix the problem.Is your spouse making that decision?

Does she have a sexual attachment to me?

Now it’s time to say if you’re not attracted to your spouse because it could be for a variety of reasons but if it’s something that’s been going around for some time that’s time to take action.

It is because he is tired and has little time for you.If you want to marry someone you can find out why they aren’t attracted.Once you know the cause you can change the effect.Because I don’t take care of myself.”

If your wife has gained weight you can encourage her to exercise or join a gym. If she doesn’t take care of herself you can help her with some household chores.

It is important to also remember that attraction is more than physical. if you are not attracted to a girl because she nags you or because she complains time for a conversation. these things can be changed but you need to communicate with her first.

What else should I do if my wife is not sexually attracted to me?

Many psychologists agree it is better to try and improve the relationship than to adopt dinar or file divorce. if you want to save your marriage, you must give it in.

You can start with a simple question concerning why your wife is not attracted to you. Once you know the reason you can take steps to change this.

If your wife is not attracted to you because she is fat and exercised by you or by joining a gym you may encourage her to conduct some of her household chores give the rest to her and remove any hiccups and washes with the children to let her have more time

It is important to remember that was something other than physical attraction. If you are not attracted to your wife because she tells you that everything was going fine or to complain about everything was, you need to talk to her first.

What should I do if my wife is not attracted to me anymore?

If your wife is not attracted to you, because of it you need to discover the cause if you want to take measures to change it.

If your wife has regained weight you can encourage her to exercise or join a gym. If she doesn’t take good care of herself you can help her with household chores and if she’s tired, to watch the children there for her to have more to

It’s important to remember that attraction is not just physical. if you don’t like your wife because she’s whining or constantly complaining it’s a good time to resolder her that she’s already an excellent woman and that you love her

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If you think that your wife never attracted to you to the point you have to start a conversation with her you will need to figure out the reason for her behavior and take steps to change her existing behavior.

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