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Lenevo Thinkpad Notebooks

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Lenevo gained popularity with their range of notebook PCs, the most acclaimed being the ThinkPad range. Following their motto, “Innovation that matters to our customers…” the company has come up with a number of notebooks falling under different categories as follows:

The R Series

Available at affordable prices, the R Series is meant for day-to-day computing and small-scale business, where you don’t need to travel much. These desktops are extremely robust with a magnesium roll cage to protect its components, in case of accidental falls and jerks. The hard drive has ThinkVantage Active Protection System that works like an air bag, sensing the changes in motion and adjusting the hard disk accordingly.

The T Series

The T Series can boast of its high performance along with portability and long battery life. If you want a notebook with no compromise, your search ends here! These mobile workstations are high on processing power, design and advanced security features such as full disc encryption and fingerprint reader.

The X Series

Tagged as the “thinnest and lightest”, they weigh around 1.22 Kg only (starting) where usually notebooks weigh around 2 – 3 Kg! These notebooks are built for professionals who are always on move. They feature anti-spill keyboard, LED backlight display that is friendly to your eyes, ultra-thin DVD burner and a battery life of up to 12 hours.

The X Series Tablet

This one is a real boon for the professions that require high level of note-taking. The world is digital, so forget notepads and be smart. Bring home X Series Tablet notebook that combines the features of a tablet PC and a laptop. Its main feature is the 12.1″ SXGA+ multi-view display with a view angle of 170 degrees, capable of adjusting itself for any light condition. It also has an Active Rotate feature that senses the motion and changes the displays vertically or horizontally.

The Z Series

Appropriately tagged as “widescreen multimedia”, the Z Series is suitable for applications requiring high quality graphics and crystal clear sound provided by a widescreen display and stereo speakers. So sit back and enjoy your favorite movies or make your digital photo album with the inbuilt digital camera!


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