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How do you add bulk contacts in a WhatsApp group?

It may occur to you that you are admin on a whatsapp group and you wanted to add contacts to your box on WhatsApp but you may think that there’s no way to do that and forget about it Join us in this article from the iran social blog to tell how you can add multiple numbers

How do i create my contact list in whatsapp group?

Step 1:.Get CSV output from the excel file.

In the first step export the excel file you have prepared from the contact numbers including your friends names and phone numbers because it is a csv file.

Step 2: Convert google contacts csv to bsv box.

After exporting the csv import the file to the google contacts web app. for this purpose enter the google contact spreadsheet which initially needs the import option and select the desired file to be imported

If synchronization is enabled by Google contacts the phone contacts will appear automatically but if synchronization is not activated you need to download the google contact program and synchronize the contacts the

Step 3: Add some members to your WhatsApp Group.

The last step of learning how to add bulk contacts in a WhatsApp group is to add the contacts you want to make in the WhatsApp group. If you have not already created it create it whatsapp group across all.

Jump onto whatsapp.Select the three dots at the top of the page.Select group/estate.Select the participant the selected (at least one contact necessary).Choose a name for your group and enter it (you can at this stage also add one image but it is not required).

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Your group had been created.

After successfully creating the group you should select the option add participants and search for your appended group identifier. this list will list all contacts and you can simply select them and add the whatsapp group.

After creating your group by adding members to the group you can unzipping any recently synchronized contacts you need to open, select the import date label in the navigation bar and tap down on delete

You could clean the contacts from them using the app contact and then copy the ID to all items and delete.

Final assessment.

In this article in iran social security information we talked about how to add bulk contacts in a WhatsApp group. if you were also looking for a way to do this this tutorial is for you to add multiple numbers in a

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