The ability to connect instagram and facebook allows users to post on both platforms. it is beneficial for business accounts as it saves time. but if you prefer to separate these two social networks from each other you need to know how to disconnect instagram from facebook.

How can I disconnect my Facebook account from my Instagram account?

One way to disconnect instagram from facebook is very simple and positive. follow the steps below

Open instagram.At any glance on your facebook profile tap the three-line green instagram button.Go to social settings on the instagram profile positive click on the ” tab enter settings.The pencil option will be shown in the settings menu.Then select the link option to go to the link section.Now select facebook from the social network list. (if your Facebook account is linked you can see the connected account name in this section.)Then use the lever to pull out the message and then clickA message asking if you want to close this connection will be displayed. select yes ” to keep the unlink option.

A reminder :When the account is a business account you must first switch to a personal account to disconnect Instagram from facebook. to do this read the article in the following article about exiting business mode of Instagram.

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Can i leave the Instagram link for facebook?

After going through these steps your followers’ account will be disconnected from facebook and nothing on your Instagram account will appear later on on facebook so that you can reconnect instagram to the server

Delete Instagram posts from facebook

To reactivate your Facebook account you should follow the steps below:

Go to the settings of your facebook account and put in apps.The apps and websites section is at the sign in option with facebook.In the list displayed find Instagram the option and click on the option.At the bottom of the screen you can tap on the option to remove the appA confirmation message will be displayed which you must confirm with a check box icon.To sum it up.

If you want to tether an instagram to your facebook account but you want to disconnect it from that connection I want to show you how to do it a tutorial hereIran’s social section.

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