As you know whatsapp is a popular and widely used messaging service among users which can share various media and messages and communicate with other. you may be thinking about how to send email to whatsapp on iphone.

Can you send an email to whatsapp or mail using an iCloud?

If you plan on sending an email to whatsapp you can easily do this using the print function. You can save the content of the email as a pdf file by selecting the print option when viewing the email and then send it as a document on whatsapp to any

Send essay using gmail osmail docs you are forcing the details if you want to send a text to whomever you want

Open up the gmail app on your phone and go to the appropriate email folder.Tap three dots in the top right corner of the page that you want and select the print option.Save the file in your phone memory.

On the other hand if you plan to do the same because of apple email:

Sign up for the app.Select the email you want to open and then tap the forward icon.Select print option on the page.Pour convert and send the email to pdf format zoom in on the email page and tap the share button theIn the box a screen will appear where you can select whatsapp. On the other hand you can save the pdf file and share it with the program.Then email the doc to anyone on whatsapp.

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How can I hand messages to how can we send them from outlook.

Use outlook and open your email.Select more on top right of screenSelect the option for documenting the conversation then click the option of documenting the conversation with an automatically applied password.In the next step you should click on the print option again and select WhatsApp on the share options pageSelect any contact or chat to which you want to send an email and click send ” at the end.So to speak.

The tutorial iran social website talks about how to send email on iphone or android to if you want to send email document in and share your tools to

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