The ability to connect instagram and facebook projects allows users to publish a post on instagram and facebook. it is beneficial for business accounts as it saves time. however if you prefer to separate these two social networks from each other you need to learn how to disconnect instagram

How can I disconnect Facebook from Instagram?

Tell me the easiest way to disconnect Facebook on Instagram is because of instagram at least and it only takes a few steps.

Open your InstagramIn your profile page tap the six line icon of instagram.Enter Instagram settings by choosing the settings option.The account is under the menu options.Then select the link to go to the section linked accounts.Now select Facebook from the list of social networks. (if your Facebook account is registered, you can see the name of the connected account in this section.Then click the ‘unlink’ option in facebook’s options window.I’ll ask you if you want to close it. other tabs in the messages will say yes – unlink.

Important.Positive a personal account accounts instagram from facebook. If your account is a business account you must switch to the personal account and disconnect the Facebook account.

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What if i unlink my instagram from my facebook?

The file will be disconnected from facebook. if you want it to work you can now connect your Instagram account into facebook.

Delete the photos from instagram after facebook is disconnected.

You need to log on to the facebook account and follow the steps below.

Go to your facebook account settings and click apps.In the app and website section tap the login option with facebook.In the list located the Instagram option and click on it.Go to the bottom of the screen and tap on the option to remove the appA confirmation message will arrive which you must confirm by clicking the option remove.Hand in hand.

If you have an Instagram account connected to Facebook and now you want to disconnect this connection for any reason this article is a tutorial to learn how to disconnect facebook from Instagram on iPhone. you can easily disconnect the connection between instagram and facebook by following the steps explained in this post. also if you are interested in learning how to hack Iran social magazine.I’m not really down here.

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