Takes place by corrupting the data on an iOS application, this author sees a real scenario where the TRANSFER of this data from Android phone to iPhone phone is an irreconcilable questionWe want to teach you how to transfer whatsapp messages from android to iphone for free.I did not know about that.

Transfer whatsapp messages from android to iphone.

This page will highlight the best methods for transferring WhatsApp messages from Android to an iPhone handcuffed with an iPhone X.

First: using the app move to ios.

The newest and easiest way that meta Companies company experts considered to transfer WhatsApp from android to iphone is the solution we explain in the following:.

First you have to download and install the.Move to ios app.Google play your android phone.Then it’s time to say that positive things about this.Reset factory reset.Positive you have an iphone through phone.Setting up.When you see the app and data management page ” click on.Move data from Android.Keep that open.Move to ios app.On your android phone follow the instructions.On your iphone tap the.Continue.After seeing what she said.Move away from android.Wait for a 10-digit code to appear and paste the code on your android deviceOther announcer?Whatsapp?He’s caught us up.Transfer of data Screen then tap ”.I’ll start.Wait for a transfer of your chat history and whatsapp dataOnce complete, you will be able to log out of whatsapp on your android device.When your iphone is set up download a WhatsApp app and login with the same phone number.

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All chats and positive conversations are transferred to your new phone

Here for the conditions to use the described method to transfer WhatsApp messages from android to iphone, we mention this conditions:.

Android operating system needs to be more than 6 years old.Iphone must be using iOS 15.5 or higher.Your WhatsApp app should be updated to the latest version.When transferring, both phones must be connected to the same wireless network.

If you dont know a lot about whatsapp messenger application the way to make it work is discarded when you are done with this utility.

Second method: a backup file.

One of the most important uses across the internet is to transfer data from Android to iPhone. to takes whatsapp backup

If you downloaded a backup file from whatsapp or an iphone from your backup software.By whatsapp settings.Then.Chat settings.Select the.Backup chat.When the backup process is done delete WhatsApp from the phone.On your new iphone when you install positive message you will be displayed a pop-up window that indicates you have a backup file of your messages and pressing.Restore.You can recover all your data to a new device.

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One thing you must remember about this method is that you have to register WhatsApp account on your new phone with the same id number you backed up then be sure to delete the app on your original device.

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You may need to transfer your information by whatsapp at any time. This tutorial is for the social security magazine of Iran. Two of the best ways to transfer whatsapp messages from android to iphone have been explained to you. we hope you find this post helpful.Whatsapp hacking.Topics should reach other articles on our blog

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