As you know whatsapp is a popular and widely used messaging service among users that can share various media and messages and communicate with others. you may be thinking about how to send an email to whatsapp on the iPhone. stay with us in this article of

How can I send emails through my takesofGoogle Translator from my iPhone?

If you plan to send an email on whatsapp you can easily do this using the print function. you can save the content of the email as a pdf file by selecting the print option when viewing the email takes you and then send it to any contact on whats

If you create a WhatsApp account on gmail you must follow the steps:.

Open google search on your phone and enter the desired emailTap the three dots in the upper right corner of the page you want to print.Store the email file in the memory of your phone.

On the other hand if you plan to do this via apple email you follow the basic steps:

Join an apple mail app. choose the email you want to open then tap the forward icon.Make the print on the page.To convert to pdf format it is necessary to zoom in on the email address and to tap the share button.In the next step the sharing page ” will be displayed with a list of whatsapp. on the other hand you can save the PDF file and share it through the program.You can then email the pdf in your WhatsApp profile.

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How can I send email box to WhatsApp using outlook?

Enter outlook and open the email you hope you seeChoose the’more’ option in the upper right corner of the screen.Choose the option print the conversation and then the option prints.In the next step you should click on print alternative and select WhatsApp on the section sharing options.Choose the contact or chat in which you want to send an email and click the Send option at the endSummarizing.

Please refer to this article about how you can send an email to Whatsapp on iOS or Android with Outlook Gmail or Apple Mail.

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