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Discount Apple Laptops


Apple provides a good range of laptops for students at discounted prices. The special online Apple store provides a 15% off the already low education pricing on selected Mac accessories and the requisite software if the student’s school or college joins Technology Rewards.

Technology Rewards provides funding for a school to invest in technical support services, expanded wireless networks, or any number of student-focused improvements for computing on campus.

One of the latest in Apple’s affordable and durable all-in-one computers designed specifically for education is the eMac. With the eMac, Apple provides a complete system with a 17-inch display, a powerful PowerPC G4 processor, and a SuperDrive option in a space-saving design to easily fit on a school desk. The eMac also saves a lot of classroom space as the whole computer comes in a single package with only one power cord and a slot-loading optical drive. The eMac is constructed from polycarbonate plastic so as to be strong enough for student use. The operating system provided with the eMac is Mac OS X Tiger. It is the most stable and easy-to-use computing environment for students. Since Mac OS X allows multiple users students can each have a personal account with customized settings.

Along with OS, eMac provides a multitude of software such as iLife ’05, a web browser named Safari, Mail, iCal, iChat AV, AppleWorks and 2005 World Book Multimedia Reference Suite. Also, the eMac provides iLife ’05 suite of digital media applications, which can be used to create professional-looking digital projects that include movies, music, sound, and text.

An AirPort Extreme Card can be added to the EMac to quickly and easily connect to the school’s wireless network. Also, two 400Mbps FireWire ports and five USB ports are provided with the eMac, along with a modem and 100BASE-T Ethernet. A PowerPC G4 processor, which makes digital media creation faster, saving valuable classroom time, is included on the eMac.

The operating system Mac OS X Tiger make it easy to share files, send and receive emails, open enclosures, and send instant messages with a computer having the windows operating system. The main advantage is that eMac can be used to connect to both wired and wireless Mac and PC networks.

Apple provides three eMac options for schools. The price range starts from just $649. Students enrolled for higher education in U.S. higher education institutions are eligible for substantial discounts on Apple products.


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